Debugging on the Command Line

Do you use a GUI debugger? Chances are that it is backed by the GNU Debugger, gdb, somehow. Wouldn’t it be great to use that backend directly? In this article, we are going to highlight some strengths of gdb’s command-line interface over GUI frontends. [Read More]

Stand-alone TDD monitor using 'entr'

Have you ever thought of something that continuously monitors your project’s source tree and triggers a unit test build upon file changes? You want it to be independent of the editor or IDE you use? Then maybe this is for you. [Read More]

Fixing Typos while Writing -- Two Ideas

Here are some thoughts on text editing. No matter what kind of text you write – source code, articles, to-do lists, books – there’s always a chance you get a single letter wrong at one point. Depending on your touch typing skills, this might not happen very often. But when... [Read More]

C Bitshift Operator Revisited

Recently someone asked me about C’s bitwise shift operator, specifically about what it does to signed integers. To be honest, until then I haven’t even considered applying the left or right shift operator to anything else than unsigned numbers. So let’s figure out what this is about. [Read More]